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July goals

Not only is our hydrangea  alive , it is also ridiculously gorgeous these days!

Not only is our hydrangea alive, it is also ridiculously gorgeous these days!

I haven't done a Goals post since April. B and I broke up at the end of April, and the thought of coming up with goals for May (let alone actually doing them) made me want to stick a fork in my eye (or something thereabouts). So it's for the best that my only "goal" for May and June was "self care" haha! But lately, I've been feeling a bit aimless, which makes me think I'm recovering from the break-up and ready to take on a few small goals this month!


1. I keep meaning to look into getting an EZ Pass, since the Turnpike is the quickest way to get to work, and I take it almost every day now that I'm driving.

2. Get back to reading--largely a provision to keep me from spending half of my Saturday watching Grey's on Netflix (and then staying up too late watching Grey's before bed during the week. I'm up to season 10, you guys! It's officially a problem.). 

3. Having to get up at 6 AM and take four modes of Septa gave my mornings (and nights, since I had to get up so early) a lot of structure, and I generally do well with structure. But having a car (and a super-flexible job) means that I can now get up and go to work whenever I want--so my old morning and night routines have gone out the window. Time to create some new routines! (Hence goal #2, to avoid staying up too late watching Grey's!)

What are you guys working on this month?

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