To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: October 6


Oh sparkle, where art thou? We need you this week. 

  • My jam this week (even before the Vegas tragedy) has been George Harrison's "Hear Me Lord." What a gorgeously powerful song. Leave it to George to make a plea to God catchy. My bffl got super into the Beatles in college and took me along with her, so we listened to all Beatles albums and solo albums in their entirety. When we got to All Things Must Pass, this song immediately drew me in--such a depth of pain and longing. Definitely where I've been this past week (although I also have the jaunty "Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp" on my phone now too, to balance things out! You might know that one from HIMYM.).
  • Because I was away at yoga TT on Saturday, I missed the chance to reunite with one of my dear high school pals and go to homecoming (or more accurately, Heartcoming!). Our school recently changed names, and we were plotting to snag some discounted swag. Well, it pays to have friends in high places like Kate--because she's that person that everyone knows and loves, one of her friends (who conveniently works at the school) was able to hook me up with two sweatshirts! SWEET!


  • The thrill of moving around my therapy appointments to avoid Center City was short-lived when I remembered that I had a psychiatrist appointment in Center City on Monday. Curses! But I managed to find a (PULL-IN!) parking space for $3!! Ok, so it was a half mile walk from the doctor's office, but who cares! THE THRILL OF VICTORY! 🎉


So I decided to bury the heavy a bit in this post, so that you can just skip on over it if you don't need more heavy in your life this week!

  • As I mentioned in my October goals post, I got pretty emotional during yoga last weekend. But afterward, I spent all of maybe four minutes talking about it to one of the facilitators (who is also a therapist), and it made me feel SO MUCH better. My default reaction to feelings is to immediately try to bury them, but giving them voice in this instance really helped me to let them go--and make room for new feelings, if that makes sense. Carrie had assured me that my feelings of sadness were welcome (like that I didn't have to be fake happy to be there), but once I talked about them, that was enough. They just sort of fizzled. Interesting.
  • In the same vein, my regular therapist and I talked this week about how feelings come and go. That is something I get stuck on--panic and fear that my feelings won't change. But they do. And talking about them can help. ❤️


Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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