To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: December 8


I've been sick all week and haven't left the house since Sunday, so this week is even duller than usual! 😂 Let's see what brought the sparkle:

  • Like making a few helpful adjustments to this picture of my friend’s cat, Chuck!
  • Our family Christmas party was on Saturday, and among the many wonderful people I got to see were a few of my grade school friends who I hadn't seen in ages! (Are other people still friends with their grade school friends? I've heard that this isn't a thing?)


  • Have we talked about how I tend to feel a lot of anger while doing yoga? Well, I had yoga teacher training on Sunday, and I was very proud of myself because when I started feeling angry, I got up and left the yoga class we were in, and punched a chair in another room for a little bit! And then I came back and got into child's pose, feeling a lot calmer. It was very freeing!


  • As much as I still struggle with yoga, I'm pretty sad that YTT isn’t happening again until January. I love the ladies who are doing YTT with me, and I really enjoy being able to get away for a few hours or days a month and learn about something, rather than just doing my usual weekend errands and chores at home.


  • And lastly, this is definitely me—if it were "stalking cats" instead of "chasing cats." 😬😬

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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