To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: March 23


Wow, what a week! Let's see what brought the sparkle:


  • I am so unbelievably touched by all the sweet texts, comments, Facebook likes, etc. in my response to my Fifth Rebirthday post. I know that I have a tendency to hide, and your lovely messages reminded me that it is safe to come out because I am surrounded by wonderfully supportive people in my life. 💖💖


  • I bought myself a Rebirthday present (that's allowed, right?): this dainty little ring from GLDN. Isn't it beautiful?! One of the therapists on the January retreat had suggested that I get a transitional object to remind me that I'm really a strong and capable adult and not a scared nine-year-old kid anymore, so I went with this. (Also, rings are my fave. See below.) Because deciding to go inpatient feels like the most adult thing I've ever done, the ring has that date engraved on it: 3.20.13.
  •  Friday was another night of dancing and embracing my tendency to dance like drunk April Kepner while completely sober! (Just call me Dr. Party!) Bonus that it was also my dear friend Maggie's 30th birthday, so we got to celebrate her beautiful self in addition to dancing the night away! (She asked me how I celebrated my 30th, and I was like, "Oh, I split town!" 😂😂)


  • Pops had been insisting that we take a Sunday morning trip into Philly for months now, and the jig was up this past Sunday. I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of this trip was, but once we ended up in South Philly, I made him stop at Occasionette because "If I have to go on this tour, can't I at least get a souvenir?!" Occasionette is the cutest little gift shop down the street from my old apartment, and I never go there now because the thought of parking in South Philly is a real NOPE situation. So I made Pops do it--perfect solution! The shop was even cuter than I remembered! I was also sure to stop by Wake Up Yoga, which is where my yoga journey began back in July 2013! And for something exciting to Pops, we walked around checking out all the mid-century flourishes that are still in East Passyunk.
  • Pops told me that I could pick out a little gift at Occasionette, and I couldn't decide between a ring and a ring bowl, so he let me get both! The bowl is so pretty! They had a bunch of different marbled colors, but obviously, I had to go with purple. And the ring! I'm a sucker for a geometric ring (or any ring really).

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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