To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: March 9


Firstly, blog friends, I'm SO sorry that I haven't been reading your blogs or responding to comments! As you'll see below, my weekend did not go according to plan, and I'm still behind. I love y’all and hope to get caught up soon! 😘

OKAY, let's see what put the sparkle into this past week:


  • Last Friday's Nor'easter did some serious damage to our neighborhood, so the number one thing bringing the sparkle is that our house escaped unscathed AND that I made it home from work safely after a three hour drive that also included a fender tapper when I slid into another car (luckily I was only going about 10 mph!). Trying to get to my house from the highway (like two miles) was like being in the War of the Worlds--ambulances and fire trucks zooming by, downed trees and wires everywhere, traffic lights out... I was ready to kiss the floor once I finally made it home!  
casual uprooted foliage just hanging out 😬 

casual uprooted foliage just hanging out 😬 

  • Now let's take a moment to acknowledge that I drove in snow and high winds on Friday. ME! 😮 Some of you have been around long enough to remember when I was doing exposure therapy for driving and almost fainted driving on a sunny day right by my house! The fact that I was just like, "OK LET'S DO THIS" about driving 30 miles in a snowstorm is mind-blowing--it's like I'm a completely different person than I was in 2015! I feel stuck in many areas of my life, but driving is not one of them (...most of the time anyway). And when I had that little fender tapper, I didn't freak out and throw myself into oncoming traffic. Sure, I was rattled, but I was able to handle it with a shocking amount of composure. I didn't even cry! I don't feel capable of handling most things, but when the worst case scenario happens, I'm usually fine. (Kind of like that wonderful time I threw up on the el.) Who knew?



  • Our biggest problem due to the storm was a weekend-long power outage. UGH. Luckily, my friend/savior Kristin came to the rescue on Saturday with a hotel room that she had booked for her fam but then no longer needed when her power came back on. So Pops and I got to spend the night in the warmth and, to his great delight, watch the 11 o'clock news! 
  • I feel so dumb talking about General Hospital every week, but for me, it's seriously become the equivalent of putting the crying baby in a car and driving her around. No really, I was randomly crying on Tuesday afternoon, and then GH came on at 3, and it calmed me right down! Port Charles coping with the aftermath of an earthquake was so unintentionally hilarious that it instantly made me feel better about my own life! At least I wasn't trapped in a freezer with my boyfriend or caught under a bookcase on my wedding day, only to be freed by my mortal enemy! 
Always relevant. 

Always relevant. 

  • I saw this on Instagram and it made me laugh out loud:

Ok, before I go, I just need to commiserate with anyone else who loves Grey's--HOW are they getting rid of both Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw this season?! 😭😭I love them both so much! (I mean clearly, considering I name-dropped April in this space just last week!) And what will become of Japril?! (The end of this week's episode irritated me so much in that regard UGH.) Are they just never ever ever getting back together?! 😩

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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