To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: July 6


Let's see what brought the sparkle this week:

  • Well, the weekend got off to an interesting start, as I spent Friday night in the ER! Not for me, though: I was with a friend who thought she had appendicitis. (Don't worry, as soon as she informed me of this, I was like "DO YOU HAVE TENDERNESS OVER MCBURNEY'S POINT?!" #007) Luckily, she did not actually have appendicitis, so we got to chat about ER and Grey's, and I got to rubberneck over all the cool medical stuff! Hooray! 


  • The weekend improved on Saturday when one of my oldest friends got married! It was quite the bash! This was only the third friend wedding I’ve been to, and the first LIFELONG friend wedding I’ve been to, so it was really heart-warming to celebrate someone I've grown up with. ❤️
She got married in our grade school church!

She got married in our grade school church!

  • I was really pleased with how my wedding outfit/make-up turned out, if I do say so myself! No part of this outfit was recently purchased (🎉), and I did my make-up in like seven minutes (🎉🎉)! 
  • On that topic, I didn’t do a budget post for June because I didn’t buy anything! (🎉🎉🎉) Ok, that’s not entirely true—I did buy a pair of heels for the wedding, BUT my old foot injury started bothering me, so I ending up wearing bejeweled flat sandals I already had and returned the heels. 


  • How did you spend the Fourth? I followed up my very patriotic Memorial Day viewing of World War II in Colour with Drunk History and The West Wing. (I have no idea where this sudden interest in The West Wing is coming from, but I'm going with it.) I went to our neighborhood bike parade (too cute) and then spent the rest of the day at a party with some of my dad's friends, who conveniently sent us home with a million desserts!
  • Lastly, can you believe it: I had yet another lowkey celeb interaction on social media that made my life! (THREE WEEKS IN A ROW!) This time, a local DJ liked one of my fb posts! He used to be on the classic rock station, and I've been listening to it since seventh grade, so all of those guys have a special place in my heart. Apparently, he knows one of my fb friends, and I commented on a post about him, gushing (naturally), and he liked it! WHO WILL I BEFRIEND NEXT WEEK?! STAY TUNED...

Hope you have a great weekend! Blogger friends, I’m sorry I'm so behind on reading your posts ack! xoxo

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July 2018 goals?


This goals post is not a goals post—it's an "I need a break from goals" post.

I'm doing so many things to try to "get better," but my mood and emotions have been all over the place for the past month+, and I'm worn out. What if I just AM? Can I just BE for a month?

That's not to say that I'm going to stop therapy or anything radical like that. I love therapy! But I have three therapists at the moment, and three doctors that I’m working with, plus yoga and dance, and I just don't feel like I can handle anything else on top of all that right now. So, a little break.

In other news, I did get my hormones tested (one of last month's goals), and they are all out of whack, so maybe that explains some of what I'm feeling! #blessed

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Oh, PS—the inspirational quote at the beginning of this post is brought to you by ‘90s General Hospital (naturally). 😂💯❤️

High Five for Friday: June 29


Let’s see what put the sparkle into this week:

  • On Sunday, I had an unexpected reunion with my friend Kristin! The search for shoes for a wedding (that’s, oh, tomorrow nbd) led me to the Nordstrom Rack near her house, so she came and helped me look at 14690 pairs of shoes! I tend to do a lot of things by myself, so I forget that it's pretty nice to do stuff with friends.


  • Kristin also gifted me this cool moon book!

It has tarot spreads and everything, if I ever get my act together enough to do a whole spread! Hilariously, we both immediately griped over the fact that the font size is like -10! My old lady eyes can’t handle this!  

  • Before Kristin got there, I stopped for a donut! I didn't know there was a donut place in that shopping center, so that was a nice surprise!
  • Tuesday marked the end of the meditation class that I inadvertently joined back in May! I didn't expect to go to that first class, let alone every single class after that! Or to actually practice meditating on my own! Being still and quiet usually feels very unsafe for me, but having this group to practice with every week helped to normalize it and make it seem less scary. Now I’m willing to do it by myself! For up to twenty minutes! WHO AM I ?! 😮


  • Lastly, in this week's installment of Becoming Instagram BFFs with the Cast of General Hospital, Emme Rylan (Lulu) posted the picture below of her daughter's birthday party, and I asked if those decorations would be approp for an upcoming 32 year old's birthday party (wink wink but actually...). AND SHE LIKED MY COMMENT! 💃💃💃

Did I have a 7 foot unicorn backdrop?! Ummm YASSSSSSSS! #happybirthdaydakota

A post shared by Emme Rylan (@emmerylan) on

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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High Five for Friday: June 22


Remember last week when I said we were getting our kitchen redone? Yeah, well now we're getting our bathroom redone too! 😂😩 So this week was obviously a doozy (complete with a toilet on the lawn)! Let's see what brought the sparkle:


  • I'm always in awe of the mountain views that I see from the highway when I'm in Reading. So after therapy and teaching yoga on Saturday, I decided to try to find a place with a good view. I literally pulled over, googled something like "mountain view Reading," and ended up at a scenic lookout point like ten minutes away! Can you believe how gorgeous this is?! 😍
  • I made some serious strides in my relationship with Brindle Pinky this week! She turned up meowing in our backyard on Friday night but hid from me, as per ush. I was able to slowly get closer and closer, with very low expectations, and she was climbing all over me in no time!! What is this life?! Just call me the cat whisperer!
  • I got a mini-psychic reading on Tuesday! You may recall that I am not a touchy/huggy person, so I nearly died when "Physical touch is important" was one of the cards she pulled! I could feel my whole energy change, it was really interesting. Maybe I'd be more down with physical touch if it came from a gentleman in a feathered cap?
  • Ok, this is a total General Hospital geek-out moment that no one will care about but me, but humor me. So back when I started watching GH in grad school (2009), I was really drawn into that brutal Kristina-Kiefer storyline and fell in love with Kristina/Lexi Ainsworth. I follow her on IG and saw some time ago that she was also in yoga teacher training. (Clearly, we're meant to be BFFs.) I don't know what possessed me to comment on an IG pic she posted yesterday in pigeon pose, but I did, and YOU GUYS SHE LIKED IT AND RESPONDED. WE'RE TOTALLY ON THE ROAD TO BFFHOOD NOW.
  • Lastly, I give you the aforementioned toilet on the lawn. And if you have a toilet on the lawn, you're going to want a sink to go with it, right?
stay classy ✌🏻

stay classy ✌🏻

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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High Five for Friday: June 15


What a week this has been! It started with a total kitchen renovation (that's still in progress) and ended with the U2 concert! Only one of those things brought the sparkle (😂)... so let's see what else did!


  • At dance night on Friday, I felt a real passion for the healing qualities of yoga and movement. I was also thinking of ways I could harness that with my newfound ability to teach, and then I pulled this card. OKAY UNIVERSE HI! 😂👋🏻


  • My new favorite show is Total Bellas on E! Does anyone else watch this?! I don't even know how this started (it’s not like I watch wrestling), although I did start following Nikki Bella on Instagram after she was on DWTS last fall. You guys, I am so sucked in. I am legitimately worried for Nikki and John's relationship, and I love Brie and Bryan. (I also really love that, on this show with two glamazons, Bryan’s just this crunchy granola dude who really loves his seed subscription box!)
  • Remember when I went on that retreat in January? Well, that’s where I met Garett (my first yoga student, you might recall!), and he has become a very dear friend in the last six months. Garett owns a cheese shop in Colorado and is donating a portion of the sales this weekend to the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Suicide has affected his life very differently than mine, but he was kind enough to include me in this initiative. Garett bravely shared about his experience with suicide on the store's Facebook page, so you can read more about it here. And if you're in the Littleton area, definitely stop by and support him! They also take orders over the phone. I did call the suicide hotline (or, rather, Kristin did, because she is a goddess) the night before I went inpatient back in 2013, so this initiative is near and dear to my heart. In light of the recent celebrity suicides, I’ve seen a lot of skepticism over the idea that suicide hotlines can actually help, but it really did help me. ❤️


  • U2! Pops and I had never seen them live before, so he was very gung-ho about seeing them on this tour. My interest in them has waned over the years, BUT I did used to love them—I even did my ninth grade research project on them in Mrs. Smith’s English class! 😂 The concert was sort of weird, not gonna lie. I mean, they sounded great, and I know they just did a whole Joshua Tree tour, but NO songs from that huge album?! Come on, throw us a bone here!
  • Lastly, in honor of Father's Day, I give you this golf headline from April because I still can't believe that I not only know who these people are, but that I also have ~feelings~ about this outcome. (When will Rickie Fowler when a major championship?!) That's the dad effect right there! 😂

Hope you have a great weekend! xo 

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High Five for Friday: June 8


Let's see what put the sparkle into this week!

  • So when I did my yoga teacher training, I had no aspirations of actually teaching--I really just wanted to be in a community and also forced to do yoga more. So naturally, I now have a student! 😂😂 And I taught her for the first time on Saturday! I got to incorporate two of my loves, Victorian poetry and dance, into the class, and she seemed to like it, so I was basically doing cartwheels! haha


  • This has not been a bad anxiety week, hooray! On Tuesday, my therapist even said that I was the best she'd ever seen me, anxiety-wise! (I've been seeing her for almost three years, so WOW/YIKES!) In my June goals post, I talked about how my hormones seem to be affecting my anxiety, and I’m still a week out from ~that time of the month~, so this is very interesting. I did really feel quite good on Tuesday, like focused and together, rather than edgy and obsessive. So it is possible! I am capable of feeling that way! Good to know! 🎉😂
This guy also brightened up my Tuesday!

This guy also brightened up my Tuesday!

  • You guys, I started reading last week. Like, an actual book. For FUN! 😮 I think being an English major twice over really killed my love of reading (because it became so much like work), so I'll take this sudden desire to read! A few years ago, I bought a bunch of my favorite random library books from like fifth and sixth grade from Amazon, and one of those '80s YA gems is what I suddenly wanted to read last week, go figure.

  • This week's Weird-Ass Song comes to you courtesy of Cher. That broad sure can rock an '80s power ballad. This is an excellent song for belting out in your car, in case you were wondering. And the video is basically Dirty Dancing with bigger hair, less clothing, and more candles. 💯 for sure.
  • Lastly, I have no idea why Jesse Williams (aka Jackson from Grey's Anatomy) is posting memes about rompers, but this made me laugh out loud while also being TOO REAL at the same time. 😬

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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May 2018 Budget


Guys, hold onto your hats--I didn't buy ANYTHING in May! The three things I'm going to mention here were actually bought in April, but after my April budget post.

It seems like when my anxiety goes berserk, I can't handle shopping anymore. I can't focus on anything, so the idea of walking around looking at things, when I might burst into tears or start panicking, just seems like way too much to deal with. I would say that this is good for my bank account, buuut all of my money in May went toward extra therapy, yoga, and meditation! At least those are positive things to be spending my money on, I guess!

ANYWAY! Here are a few tops I picked up at Plato's Closet at the end of April (when I was really feeling the color green, apparently!):


  1. Green Gap tee: $5
  2. Green tank: $7
  3. Blue Gap top: $7

TOTAL: $19

I've been really stressed about money lately, but I can live with spending only $19 on clothes/accessories/make-up/skin care in a month! I've been really into soft, slouchy shirts lately, and the Gap shirts definitely fit that criteria! And I've been looking for a dressy-ish tank or blouse to wear with skinny black pants because I literally have two tops like that, and I wear them to everything. I need to mix it up!

Did you get anything fun last month?

June 2018 goals


Let's see what's on the white board this month!


1. Try three more new things: GUYS. I thought for sure this would be the hardest goal last month, and I CRUSHED IT! So I decided to give it another whirl this month.

2. Get my hormones tested: I'm really starting to think that my hormones are affecting my anxiety. I've been noticing that my anxiety and obsessive thoughts get worse closer to my period. So while I'm never thrilled for blood work, I'm really curious if it could give me some insight and possibly a path toward relief.

3. Stick to budget for real this time: You'll see below why this one got off track, but I want to give it another try in June.

4. Keep up with meditation: I inadvertently joined a meditation class in May! (I was supposed to teach a yoga class that no one showed up for, and the meditation class was conveniently happening right after, so, hey!) I have a lot (A LOT) of resistance to breathing and sitting still and, well, not distracting, but I do want to give this meditation thing a shot.

5. Secret goal step #1: OooOOoo so mysterious! haha Nah, I'm just not ready to get into this one on here yet. But I think including it will help to keep me accountable (...maybe).


And how did May's goals go?

Do three new things (or, at a minimum, three things I don't regularly do): Well, let’s see... I taught a yoga class, drove to two new places, got energy healing, met with a potential private yoga client, went to three new yoga classes, and started going to the aforementioned meditation class. This is huge for me!! 🙌🏻

Get up early to start my day with a Kalyn Nicholson YouTube video: This goal was going along fine until major anxiety derailed a solid week, and I've had a hard time getting up early again when sleep is an alternative, haha.

Make budget and stick to it // pay off credit card: I did pay off my credit card and was doing fine with sticking to my budget until the anxiety storm hit. Then came extra therapy sessions and doctor's appointments and supplements, and I couldn't get myself to do things like, say, getting out of bed, let alone balancing my checkbook. So the budget went off-track. I'm just glad it was due to regular therapy and not retail therapy for a change! 

Self-freaking-care: Hmm... I did make self-care a priority when I was forced to (during the anxiety storm). The next step, I guess, is integrating these things into my life when I'm only feeling low-grade anxiety. 

Taking alone time for myself at home: This did happen sometimes, hooray! 🎉


Well, as usual, this month's tarot card was spot-on. Although when I pulled it, I was rather concerned by the number of fiery sticks!


Holding my ground? Courage and persistence? Fear about not being able to win everybody over? ✔️✔️✔️ 


What are you working on this month? How do you manage intense anxiety?

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High Five for Friday: June 1


Well, this week just flew by! What even happened?! Let's find out what brought the sparkle!

  • On Monday, I went over to a friend’s house, which worked out well because I woke up super anxious, but he also has anxiety, so he was fine with it. It was possibly the most patriotic Memorial Day I’ve ever had, because he had on World War II in Colour on Netflix! Chatting against the backdrop of the war in the Pacific was an unexpected way to spend the day! 😂 I also got to check out the pretty flowers in his neighborhood, which you know I was all about! 😍
  • This has been the song of the week, thanks to my friend Kristin getting on a CSN kick. The first time I heard “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” I’m pretty sure I was riding in the car with Pops in seventh grade, and it blew my mind. Those harmonies are just unreal. 
  • Speaking of music, Pops went to the Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum on Wednesday (so jealous!) and brought me back this Low magnet! (Which is sort of hilarious because he’s generally 🙄 about Low, but I love “Be My Wife” and “A New Career in a New Town”!) David Bowie was actually my first concert, on what turned out to be his last tour. 💔 I was a junior in high school, and I got to see David Bowie. What a lucky duck. 
  • Yesterday marked TWO YEARS with my lil babydoll car!! WOW. And to think, I had just started exposure therapy for driving when I first joined the H54F link-up back in 2015! Crazy. Being able to drive all over the place with (some) ease may not seem like a big deal, but it is freaking miraculous for me! 🎉


  • Lastly, trying to keep Pops apprised of the NBA players the Kardashians are dating is a full-time job. At least this time, he already knows who Ben Simmons is!

...unlike when I broke the news that Khloe was having a baby with Tristan Thompson! 😂 


Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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High Five for Friday: May 25


YOU GUYS! The sparkle is back! I’m finally feeling better after a week-long bout of super-intense anxiety! 🎉 Here’s what else was sparkling this week:


  • Firstly, a friend posted this, and it was definitely something I needed to hear. ❤️
  • Because my anxiety was still going berserk last Friday, I signed up for a yoga class with the teacher who teaches the Sunday class that I usually go to. And I ended up being the only one there! So I got to chat with her for awhile about my anxiety (she could relate), and she geared her whole class around that, which was so nice and definitely helped calm me down, at least for a little bit.


  • On Saturday, I again woke up feeling super anxious, so I went to another yoga class, and during the class, I briefly lost it. Like all of the feelings I'd been trying to avoid just crashed down on me and left me panicked. AH. But I made it through! After class, I didn't want to go straight home, and I also didn't feel up to painting my toes for a wedding I was going to that night (I was in a sorry state!), so I got a pedicure! And ended up having to walk 0.4 miles in those foam flip flop thingies like a rube (as you may have seen on my Insta Stories)! But that made me laugh, which was a welcome occurrence--as was just sitting around reading People magazine while someone else did the thing I couldn't get my act together to do!


  • On Saturday night, I got to watch my dear friend Sara get married! And see a few of my old work friends, which was a delight! (I went stag and legitimately could have known no one, so I almost did cartwheels when I saw their names on the seating chart!) Sara had just met her now HUSBAND around the time that I first met her (at our old job), so I feel like I've seen all the stages of their relationship. But most importantly, they had a freaking DONUT WEDDING CAKE, which, besides being amazing, should make it easy to see #whywerefriends haha! 
  • Lastly, it seems to follow that the more wigged out I am, the more 1998-99 Lucky and Liz I'm watching—so you know I was tuning into them last week, haha! They're just so darn adorable. This scene is super sweet but also made me chuckle because what song would be better for a morose soap opera montage in 1998 than "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls? (I've actually always liked the Goo Goo Dolls, so this also sent me down a rabbit hole with them!)

And while we're on the topic of irises, look at this beauty I found after therapy on Monday! I've never seen this color scheme before! #PurpleIsANeutral

Private Iris is watching you 🕵🏻‍♀️

Private Iris is watching you 🕵🏻‍♀️

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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High Five for Friday: May 18


TGIF indeed because my anxiety has been bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S) this week. I’ve just had this overwhelming feeling of fear and dread. YAY. I keep trying to remind myself that this will pass, and I will feel better again. 🤞🏻 So since that did not bring the sparkle this week, let’s see what did! 


  • I lit this candle from the lovely Bri for the first time because it was definitely the vibe I needed to create! 


  • My friend/personal anxiety savior Kristin graciously took me in when the only thing that would calm me down was chatting about nothing and running errands! And walking from room to room listening to "laurel" and "yanny." (Pops cannot fathom that anyone can hear anything but "laurel." "Come on, that's 'laurel,' babe!”)



  • My friend Garett was in town this week, and it was great to see him! (Bonus that he became my first post-YTT yoga student after I ended up subbing a class on Tuesday!) He’s such a positive, adventurous spirit and is so encouraging—he's one of those friends that makes you feel like you can do anything, you know? A real gem.



  • Friday was dance night with my dear Maggie and the other ladies, which was wonderful and a much-needed outlet. Then on Saturday morning, I ended up in a yoga class with one of the other YTT gals, and we chatted for awhile afterwards. It was so nice to get a taste of being back in that awesome community! (She and the teacher also helped me get into a few supported inversions after class, which was hilarious. I was basically like "Hmm, yeah ok, put me down now please!" 😂)



  • Lastly, in trying to make my room into more of a sanctuary, I really wanted to add some cute battery-powered lights. Well don’t you know at Mother’s Day dinner last weekend, my mom whips out a few small gifts for me, including A STRAND OF ADORABLE BATTERY-POWERED LIGHTS! I had not told her about this quest of mine, and she apparently found them months ago. (In the $1 Spot it seems! How?! I never saw them!) Magic from the universe! 🤗

Hope you have a great weekend! Blog friends, here's hoping I catch up on comments this weekend! (I love them all, I've just been super behind!) xo

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High Five for Friday: May 11


Let's see what brought the sparkle this week!

  • On Saturday night, I finally emptied my gratitude jar! I had added to it all through 2017, but I was being such a negative Nelly at the start of 2018 that I didn’t want anything to do with it. So I just kept adding to it until it was basically overflowing! Emptying it really gave me a glimpse into who and what truly have a positive impact in my life. ❤️
$1 Spot ftw!

$1 Spot ftw!

  • On Sunday, I got to see my cousin star as Ariel in her ballet school’s production of The Little Mermaid, which was obviously adorable!


  • I happened to get $5 in Extra Bucks at CVS (!! when does that ever happen?!), so I treated myself to a new lip gloss. I’d never bought anything by Make Up Academy before, but this one had good reviews and wasn’t sparkly. I was looking for more of a pink shade (than my usual nude), so I went with “Rose.”

Despite how bold it is in the tube, it’s very wearable, as evidenced by this lovely in-car selfie!

  • One of the new things I’m working on this month is a vision board! I’ve made ones on Pinterest before, but I’m hardly ever on Pinterest, which makes it too easy to ignore them. I usually roll my eyes so hard at vision boards, so this is a big step for me, you guys! I recently watch a video about how to make one that I really liked (naturally posted by Kalyn, that goddess), and I’ve assembled my supplies over the past week! Now it’s time to put it all together!
  • Lastly, I only cried once during this week's Grey's, and it ended up being way less tragic than I'd feared, THANK GOD! 


Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

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May 2018 goals


The start of April was a bit of a disaster, so I never got a goals post up. Probably for the best considering my emotional state at the beginning of the month! (Remember my three therapy sessions in three days? Yeahhh...) But it's May now, and I'm not an emotional wreck, so let's see what's on the white board!


Do three new things (or, at a minimum, three things I don't regularly do): My world has become so small, you guys. All I really do is go to work and therapy. I don't think I've talked about it on here before, but I've been wondering if I have a touch of agoraphobia because the fear that something bad will happen often keeps me from leaving the house to do anything optional. (So things like work and therapy are okay.) A few months ago, my therapist was pushing this idea of expanding my world, and I was not into it at all, but now I see and feel that I really need to do it. AND THE UNIVERSE IS TELLING ME THIS TOO SEE BELOW.

Get up early to start my day with a Kalyn Nicholson YouTube video: I don't know what it is right now (because I've watched a few of her vids in the past), but I am just super connecting to Kalyn's vibe and message, and I'm getting lots of energy from it. She's so inspiring and makes me want to tap into my creative side that I so easily squelch. She talks about a lot of things that I want to get back into (like the law of attraction and just generally making positive choices).

Make budget and stick to it // pay off credit card: As I said in my April budget post, April was a bit of a doozy financially. The payment schedule at work changed, and I was scrambling just to pay my bills. Now that the dust has settled, I need to pay off my credit card and make a realistic budget for May that I feel like I can stick to--because if the budget is way too tight, I tend to not even try, as the whole thing feels like a lost cause from the start, you know? 

Self-freaking-care: Eating. Sleeping. Basic things. I definitely didn't make the healthiest choices in April--I skipped meals, and I let myself get to the point of exhaustion because I felt "lazy" taking a nap (even though anxiety has been waking me up way before my alarm). I just need to take better care of myself, period.

Taking alone time for myself at home: I tend to struggle with just doing my own thing if other people are around. And I live with my dad, who is retired and thus often around! I've slowly been making my room into more of a happy place/sanctuary and spending time in there when no one is home, so hopefully, that comfortability carries over. I am an introvert, so I really do need to be able to break away from other people and recharge sometimes.


So I happened to pull a tarot card a few weeks ago that was so super relevant to my life right now that I'm going to use it as my card of the month (instead of pulling a Healing with the Angels card).

I pulled this handsome fella, reversed:


My tarot knowledge is pretty limited, so I usually marvel over the OOTC (outfit of the card) and then google the card's message. Here is the reversed Two of Wands' message:


SO. WILDLY. ACCURATE. I actually pulled the card before coming up with the goal to do more new things, but I've been having that "stuck" feeling for awhile. So I was basically like, "OK UNIVERSE! I'M GETTING THE MESSAGE!"

What do you hope to do in May? Any tips for combating fears of leaving the house? 😬


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High Five for Friday: May 4


Let’s see what put the sparkle into this week!

  • Pudge and I had a glorious weekend together! It was SO NICE just to have my own space and be able to do my own thing! (I wonder if Pops felt the same way LOL!) I explored Maggie’s hood, delved further into my Artist of Life workbook, caught up with the Kardashians, planned a yoga class, worked on blog stuff, and napped! What a time!


  • Pudge is such a sweetheart. She just snuggles right up to you, demands pets, and purrs like crazy. The last cat I watched was a kitten who really liked biting my hair and running around at 4 AM—so this was a nice change of pace! Pudge and I did so many exciting things together, like watching General Hospital and napping! 
  • In my shopping journey over the weekend, I made a few very exciting purchases, like picking up neroli oil at Whole Foods, and finding this cute journal AND BALLER PILL ORGANIZER at Marshalls! The pill organizer I had before was always opening and spilling in my bag, so I was legitimately pumped to find this one. (As you could probably tell from my Insta Stories, haha!)
living the dream

living the dream

  • I've been listening to '90s video game music at work lately, and I delved into some Link to the Past this week. Hearing this tune really took me back! If you have any good '90s video game suggestions, let me know, because I'm always looking for more jams!
  • Lastly, Timmi sent me this. 💯💯 Oh JSTOR. Never change, except to become JORTS. 🙏🏻

Oh and is anyone else watching Grey’s/in a glass case of emotion over the preview for next week?!? DON’T DO THIS TO ME, SHONDA!

Preach, girl.

Preach, girl.

Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

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April 2018 Budget


Whoa nelly, this was really a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants month financially! Which meant that I couldn't spend much money shopping, so that worked out in my favor, I guess!

  1. Baebody Eye Gel (Amazon): $24
  2. Black Cat Print Blanket Scarf (Claire's): $20 on sale for $8
  3. American Eagle Soft and Sexy Tank (T.J. Maxx): $6

TOTAL: $38

Yes, I'm over 30, and yes, I bought a clothing item for myself from Claire's. Let it be known that I am fully aware of that! FULLY. AWARE. I actually walked away from the scarf initially, but my willpower apparently expires in 48 hours. I mean, it's a cat print scarf, people! I really appreciate how the pattern mostly looks geometric, if you don't know that it's cats. (I swear!) It's usually a balmy 76 degrees in our office, and I've been wearing my cat scarf with no shame.

I used up the Senegence Dark Circle Eye Treatment that Becky had sent me back in November, so I needed a replacement, ideally something that would get me free shipping on Amazon because I was also ordering something else at the time! The Baebody gel had four stars and over 12000 reviews, so I was like, worth a shot! I don't know how I feel about it so far. I like that it has a pump, and it smells nice, but it's very sticky, and I'm not sure that it's doing anything. (It has only been three weeks though.) We'll see. If anyone has any dark circle creams/treatments they swear by, let me know. I want to splurge on one someday!

Lastly, who am I to resist a soft purple tank for $5?! When I was at TJ Maxx, I had two other purple things to try on with this tank, and I realized that maybe I need to go the Mica route and rename this blog "Away from the Purple." Nah, I could never quit it! 😂💜

What did you guys buy this month?

High Five for Friday: April 27


Let’s see what put the sparkle into this week!

  • On Friday morning, I had to clear out of the house early (or hear about driveway estimates PASS), so I stopped at Walmart on my way to work and checked out their make-up section again. I really like the Flower Petal Pout lipstick I got last time, so I picked up another, this time in the matte shade Autumn Rose. I think it's really pretty while also being appropriately subtle for me, haha!

I also picked up a Hard Candy lip gloss and their Sheer Envy Under Eye Fix, which I'm enjoying. It's not a full-on concealer, but I haven't been wearing much in the way of make-up lately, so it's been good at toning down my dark circles some, while not taking forever to slather on or looking crazy considering I'm only wearing mascara. Bonus that it feels really cool when you first put it on!


  • I spent most of Saturday cleaning my room, which was way way overdue. It's so nice to have everything organized and free of dust bunnies now! And I found a home for my letter board!
  • Later that day, I made a new cat friend: Brindle Pinky! When I see a cat in the great outdoors, I usually just sit down at a distance and see how they're feeling about me being there. I'm a scared indoor cat myself, so I never want to spook them. Brindle Pinky had never ever come up to me before, so I had very low expectations: so imagine my surprise when she came a-running and a-meowing! Being deemed safe really warmed my heart. 
  • On the topic of cats, since Wednesday, I've been staying with this darling gal, PUDGE! (She's my friend Maggie's cat.) Pudge is super affectionate and has a bum back leg, so she basically waddles around and then rams herself into me so that I'll pet her. I'M DYING. 😭💖

When I first got to Maggie's, I didn't expect anyone to be home, but her roommate Karuna was there, and boy was I thrilled to see her! It’s like when you're in college, and you're dreading going to the cafeteria alone, but then you find out that one of your friends got out of class early! Having dinner and chatting with Karuna was a real unexpected treat.


  • And finally, here's this week's Weird Ass Song of the Week, in honor of the guy who wrote the songs for Schoolhouse Rock. (He passed away this week.) Honestly, I don't know “Three Is a Magic Number” from my childhood, but rather, because it's what the band would play at the beginning of one of the Supernatural con panels featuring three of the actors--that's where I first heard it like a year ago! It's so cute and catchy that I couldn't resist!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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High Five for Friday: April 20


Let’s see what brought the sparkle this week!

  • I finally put together the $1 Spot letter board I bought months ago! (Thank you Lisa for reminding me about this!) The quote is from one of my favorite poems: "In Memoriam" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. I like to use it to remind me of the presence of a higher power. 
  • Friday was another night of dancing, so I stayed over in Reading and went to a yoga class Saturday morning. One of my YTT friends also came to the class, and not only was it lovely to see her, but she brought me a crazy-delicious cookie! I think I'd like yoga classes better if they were always followed by cookies tbh, haha. Another perk of Saturday was the GORGEOUS weather! Sunny and 80! It was a beautiful day to catch up with a few of my Nova friends in Philly in the afternoon.
 ~casual penitentiary shots~ 

 ~casual penitentiary shots~ 

  • On Sunday, I woke up totally anxious. Like, sweating and full-on panicked. How do you just wake up in that state?! Was I having a nightmare? I don't even know. I hadn't been planning on going to yoga (even though I usually do on Sundays), but once I woke up feeling like that, I was like, "NOPE you need yoga, sister!" and signed myself up. The class was taught by a different teacher than usual, and she had us do tree pose in a circle, pressing into each other's hands for balance. I've talked before about how I'm not a huggy/touchy person, so I was not thrilled with this idea. But it turned out to be really cool to use other people for support in that way, and I definitely needed to feel more supported/grounded amid my anxiety. The class also ended with a like 10 minute savasana, which is always fine by me! 😂


  • I found a new phone case at Five Below, and I’m in love with the tranquil colors, marble-y look, and geometric gold accents... and the price tag. 👌🏻
  • Lastly, I’ve started getting up a little earlier in the morning to either get small things done (which makes me feel more accomplished for the whole day) or to watch an energizing YouTube video or two. I’m really feeling Kalyn Nicholson right now--I just love her vibe and attitude!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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High Five for Friday: April 13


Whoa, what a week! Complete with three therapy sessions in three days! (A sign you’re doing super well! 🙌🏻) I'm feeling better now, though, so let's see what brought the sparkle:

  • Yo girl is a yoga teacher training graduate! I still can barely believe it. This thing that I decided to do somewhat on a whim has impacted my life so profoundly. I really needed this community over the past eight months.

The graduation ceremony on Sunday was so cute! Unicorn straws and flowers! Dancing! I was in heaven! 


You could invite guests to the ceremony, but since I was staying over (and the studio isn't exactly close to my house), I decided not to. But one of the YTT girls apparently mentioned this to her girlfriend, and her girlfriend declared herself my person for the day and made me a sign and gift! And I had never even met her before! I was seriously blown away by her kindness. It made the day even sweeter! ❤️


  • On Saturday, I happened to be driving back from Target as the sun was settling, and it was just mind-blowingly gorgeous. I couldn't resist--I had to pull over and take some pictures. (This week’s post really captures life with me in a nutshell--stopping to photo document everything and playing the same song 70 times in a row. But we’ll get to that....) Just hanging out in this random park watching the sunset was glorious.
  • I'm starting to find flowers on my post-therapy walk, hooray! I especially loved these tulips that were sitting outside the door to a church.
  • Our Weird Ass Song of the Week is Ron Swanson and Tammy II's song: "Dancing on the Ceiling." It's sooo bad and so mood-brightening on repeat 70 times in a row, I swear. 😂

The video doesn't disappoint either!


  • Lastly, I’m just gonna leave this here (even though Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez is missing 😩).

I loved The Sandlot so much when I was a kid. It was the rare movie that could trump my Babysitters' Club movies when I stayed at my mom's! But 25 YEARS?!? My god.


Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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High Five for Friday: April 6


Let's see what put the sparkle into this week!

  • V for Villanova, V for victory! As you may recall from 2016, I went to grad school at Villanova, so I'm very proud that they won the NCAA Championship this week! Also, I've been in the Connelly Center (where they kept showing the student celebrations on TV during the game), so I felt v cool. (Annd now I really want the M&M cookies I used to get from there on Chicken Finger Monday!) 
  • Friday night was another night of wild dancing! And afterwards, I got to dance with the facilitator's adorable three year old daughter! She ran right up to me to dance, and my heart basically melted. It was interesting to see how easy it was to be nice to this little girl when I have no patience for my inner child!


  • I think I've talked about this before, but I love the movie She's Out of My League. It's so stupid but makes me laugh so much. It’s one of those movies that I’ll totally forget about but then get a craving to watch, and last Saturday was one of those days. And it was On Demand! When does that ever happen?!
  • On Saturday, Pops was out all day, so I was living it up! Ulta, Target, taxes, and She's Out of My League--woo! I had also given a friend the advice of taking a walk as a way to calm down and help manage big emotions... and as is the case with most advice, I soon realized that I needed to take my own advice! So I went for a walk at magic hour! It was really more of a "stop and take pictures" than a walk, but what else is new?
  • I hope y’all had a wonderful Easter (or Sunday, if Easter’s not your thing)! Because I dressed up for Mass, obviously OOTD pics needed to happen! I enlisted Pops to be my photographer, but when you have a dad behind the camera, instead of a tripod, you get teased and end up with pictures like this:

Honestly, this might be my favorite picture of me ever. It so perfectly captures the zaniness that I'm usually trying to keep under wraps! 😂


Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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March 2018 Budget


I actually didn't buy much in March, hooray! I didn't really feel the urge to shop to make myself feel better, which is a wonderful change. (Especially because I'm off that medication that has the convenient side effect of curbing my shopping impulse for me!) The fact that March just flew by and left no time for shopping probably helped too.

ANYWAY, here's what I got:

  1. Aurora Bar Ring (GLDN): $46
  2. Beaded Amethyst Choker (Francesca's): $18
  3. Deva Curl Light Defining Gel (Sephora): $23

TOTAL: $87

The Aurora Bar ring is my Rebirthday ring! I totally fell in love with the style a few months ago after seeing it in an Instagram ad. It's just so dainty and perfect! 

Fun fact: I have this awesome amethyst heart necklace that I love, but I can't wear it all the time, like, say, during yoga because it smacks me in the face. Good times! So I immediately loved the dainty, choker-like nature of this amethyst necklace. Plus purple. 🙌🏻💜

And the Deva Curl gel was just a boring repurchase. Yawn. 😴


Did you buy anything fun this month?