To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

July 2017 budget


Oh boy. Cue Marshall/Beercules:

Yep. Even worse than last month, actually!

Because I'd been on a roll of responsibility before May 2017, I've been trying to figure what caused me to become so out of control, starting about late April. And I think I've finally got it. In mid-April, I stopped taking a medication that significantly bolstered my mood and boosted my impulse control but had worrisome side effects. I'd started taking this type of drug in April 2016--a month in which I ended up spending an "all-time low." Coincidence? 

With that realization, at least I can now expect my impulses to run wild in a way I haven't experienced in a year, and know that feeling lower in mood will make me want to shop all the time again... and make me more willing to ignore my shopping budget.

Information is not transformation, but it can't hurt.

With that said, let's move on to the many many things I bought this month:

  1. Old Navy shorts (Plato's Closet): $6 on sale for $3
  2. Bow belt (Plato's Closet): $4
  3. Sans Souci scallop-hem shorts (Plato's Closet): $6 on sale for $3
  4. Lipsense Climate Control (Lips that Last by Becky): $60 on sale for $51
  5. Lularoe leggings: $25 on sale for $11
  6. Magnolia Quarter-Strap Sandals (Target): $20 on sale for $15
  7. Stella & Dot Ever After necklace (Poshmark): $25 + $6 shipping: $31

Not pictured:

  1. Lipsense Lip Color in Bombshell (Lips that Last by Becky): $27
  2. Striped Lularoe Carly: $55 + $2 S&H = $57
  3. Solid grey Lularoe Carly: on sale for $30 + $7 shipping (for both Carly and leggings) = $37
  4. Black belt (Plato's Closet): $3
  5. Innersense Pure Harmony Hairbath shampoo (hair salon): $27

TOTAL: $269

Welp, one of my goals for next month is going to be no online shopping because HELLO. 

This was the first month in a long time that I felt like I just couldn't control myself and just bought everything in sight regardless of having surpassed my budget looong ago. I definitely fell into the trap of thinking that I needed something RIGHT NOW, or that buying something in particular was going to solve some "problem." Although I will say that I did legitimately run out my beloved Bombshell (seriously my ideal MLBB color), was in need of a pair (or two) of not-so-short shorts, and was running low on shampoo. 

Now onto the less necessary purchases! 

I had been intrigued by Climate Control, as it has great reviews and my skin needs some help. (I'm prone to redness and feel fairly self-conscious unless I wear make-up. 😞) But it sold out before I decided to commit to it! Wah! Luckily, Becky is the absolute BEST and tracked it down for me in about 24 hours, meaning that I could also still take advantage of her "Christmas in July" sale! If you're thinking of trying Lipsense (which I love, despite not branching out from the nudes!) or the Senegence skin care products, she's your girl!

I was skeptical of the Target sandals, even though they had great reviews, and it turns out I love them! I'm thinking of getting the black pair too! They go with everything and are surprisingly padded for such a flat sandal. And even at full-price, they're a great deal. I've been wearing them like four days a week minimum, although I am a bit concerned because they can't be ideal for my injured foot...

The Ever After necklace (which I actually got in gold) is something that I'd been searching for forever because one of my besties at my last job (hi Piper!) had it and I fell in love... but it was like $50, and I hemmed and hawed, and then Stella & Dot stopped selling it. So I would check periodically on eBay and Poshmark to no avail (or it was too expensive), until now! I love me a good dainty heart necklace!

As insane as my spending was this month, I still hesitated before buying a $55 nightgown-esque Carly dress, but it was the thing I liked the most at a fundraiser, so here we are. And I must say, it is sooo comfy, and its nightgown-esque silhouette allows you to move freely while still staying covered. PERFECTION. Hence snagging a second Carly when another LLR seller friend of mine had a summer sale! I rarely belt dresses, but the Carlies showed me how few belts I have, so when I found two I liked for $3 and $4 each at Plato's, I decided to stock up.

Here's hoping I can rein in it more next month!